What am I drinking?

Ok, I get to try many different spirits on a regular basis here at the store. Many people ask me what I like and what I don’t like, so I think I am going to start giving my reviews on new products we will be bringing in to put on our shelves. Many items will be from small, independent distillers/producers and I will also try to give some background on how the spirits were conceived. I always like to know how someone came about bringing a new spirit to market.

So, please bear with me as I am not a writer and this is my first go at it, I will try to keep it simple and in layman’s terms. Everyone has different palates and you may not like what I tried, but you may also love it.

First item up – GunRoom Navy Rum


This rum is sourced from 5 different places, Guyana, Barbados, Trinidad, Jamaica and some other place which is “secret”. All these islands produce great rum and it stands out in Gunroom, it clocks in at 65% ABV or 130 proof. The first pour is strong!! But that is Navy strength and then some more, navy strength is usually around 55% and above.  I poured it into a nice little tasting glass and could smell (nose) the alcohol right off the bat. If you let it sit a minute and take another whiff you can smell toffee, spice, and people always say leather and wood, but I have no idea where that shit always come from. I don’t feel like I am eating wood, but it does have a smoky taste, probably from the charred barrels it was aged in. Over all it goes down better with every sip, it is not an overly thick rum that coats your mouth. I can definitely sip this rum and also make some nice tiki drinks. (whatever that is) I think with a nice sweet mixer you can drink it all day and it will pack a punch at 65% ABV.

Over all, if you like Navy strength, spicy rums I think this is right up your alley.


It comes from some guys across the pond in Sweden, I know, Sweden makes rum? No, but these guys have been in the business a little while and know (or pay someone) how to blend some good Navy Rum.

So, that is my opinion and if you don’t like it, please comment after you tried it. We got it in stock.


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