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What am I drinking?

Ok, I get to try many different spirits on a regular basis here at the store. Many people ask me what I like and what I don’t like, so I think I am going to start giving my reviews on new products we will be bringing in to put on our shelves. Many items will be from small, independent distillers/producers and I will also try to give some background on how the spirits were conceived. I always like to know how someone came about bringing a new spirit to market.

So, please bear with me as I am not a writer and this is my first go at it, I will try to keep it simple and in layman’s terms. Everyone has different palates and you may not like what I tried, but you may also love it.

First item up – GunRoom Navy Rum!rum/ccf2

This rum is sourced from 5 different places, Guyana, Barbados, Trinidad, Jamaica and some other place which is “secret”. All these islands produce great rum and it stands out in Gunroom, it clocks in at 65% ABV or 130 proof. The first pour is strong!! But that is Navy strength and then some more, navy strength is usually around 55% and above.  I poured it into a nice little tasting glass and could smell (nose) the alcohol right off the bat. If you let it sit a minute and take another whiff you can smell toffee, spice, and people always say leather and wood, but I have no idea where that shit always come from. I don’t feel like I am eating wood, but it does have a smoky taste, probably from the charred barrels it was aged in. Over all it goes down better with every sip, it is not an overly thick rum that coats your mouth. I can definitely sip this rum and also make some nice tiki drinks. (whatever that is) I think with a nice sweet mixer you can drink it all day and it will pack a punch at 65% ABV.

Over all, if you like Navy strength, spicy rums I think this is right up your alley.


It comes from some guys across the pond in Sweden, I know, Sweden makes rum? No, but these guys have been in the business a little while and know (or pay someone) how to blend some good Navy Rum.

So, that is my opinion and if you don’t like it, please comment after you tried it. We got it in stock.


The Perfect gift for the Cruiser!!

Check out the last item on the list!!

Rum Runner Flasks, get them here!!


Welcome to Big Game Liquors – Miami and Coral Gables’ premier family owned and operated Liquor Store.  We have the best selection to choose from at great prices.  Come in and see the most diverse and constantly updated selection of Microbrews.  At Big Game we take pride at our great selection of Microbrews and the coldest beers in town.  If you love Rum, we have the best selection of Rum’s from the Caribbean and all of Latin America.  We also have the lowest prices around on Grey Goose, Bacardi and Dewars products.

If you are not sure what to get or need some recommendations for a gift or a party, let us know!  We always have something new, something different, or a great old standard behind the counter for you to taste.

Going on a cruise?  Don’t forget they we carry rum runner flasks so you can bring your favorite on board.

Always stop by to say hi and always check for the latest news and events.




Sometimes you want to go
Where everybody knows your name,
And they’re always glad you came;
You want to be where you can see,
Our troubles are all the same;
You want to be where everybody knows your name.

Well we’re not a bar but instead the greatest neighborhood liquor store there is.  And yes!  We do learn our regulars names and their favorite drink and get to know them little by little over time.  My name is Eddy and my dad’s name is Juan.  Also we have Tony, Alex and Fermin helping out sometimes too.

BOOZE FOR YOUR CRUISE!!! Rum Runner Flasks

Each Rum Runner Cruise Kit contains three of our 32oz (.946 liter)Travelers and three 8oz (.237 liter) easy filling, heavy duty, collapsible flasks and one funnel. Our 32oz Travelers are perfect for taking your favorite beverage in your checked luggage and they make having that cocktail while relaxing before dinner effortless. The 8oz pocket flasks are great for those side trips. The Flasks are made of durable, puncture resistant, odor proof and taste proof clear polyester. Rum Runner Flasks stand up when they are filled and are flat and can be rolled up and put in your pocket when empty. The Flasks have positive seal spouts are freezable and perfect for almost any liquid. Rum Runners  are non-metallic, undetectable and also ideal for concerts, stadium events, sports fans, air travelers, golfers, hikers, hunters and skiers.

The Brother’s

When it comes to service with a smile there are no 2 people better than these 2 guys.  Don’t find what you are looking for?  Just ask and they will be sure to have it for you next time you come in.  Look for great changes to come at Big Game Liquors.


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